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Is Your Voice In Your Throat?

This is incredibly common. Often people don’t realise their voice is sitting at the back of their throat. If this is the case, you’ll find it almost impossible to powerfully and effortlessly project your voice. Bringing your voice forward is essential for a healthy, powerful voice.


Do You Speak Fast?

One of the most common things I hear is that people are concerned they speak too fast (particularly when they’re nervous). In this video I share 5 ways you can slow down your speech.


Do You Clear Your Throat?

Throat clearing is a natural response from our body when it’s trying to remove excessive or thick mucus, or soothing a dry, tickly throat – whether from an illness, an allergy, acid reflux, eating certain foods, smoking or dehydration.


My Unique Voice Coaching Approach

In this video I share more about my unique approach to coaching clients maximise, enhance and optimise their speaking voice (regardless of accent). I combine Jungian psychology (within a coaching model) with the practical aspects of voice training.


How Can I Feel More Confident – Busting the Myth

I have certainly had a “crisis of confidence” or two over the years and also heard similar stories from my clients. If only we felt more confident then we’d take some action (start a business, learn to sing, speak in public, write a book etc.).



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