Executive Voice Coaching

Your Voice Is Your Audible Business Card.

As a 6-figure professional, you know how important your voice is if you want to make the greatest impact when you speak in high-stakes meetings, presentations, media interviews, pitches, conferences and events.  My voice coaching is designed to help you fully access your unique speaking voice, so you can express yourself clearly, powerfully and authoritatively.

My approach is not about “quick fixes” and “quick tips”.  It is a powerful and immersive process, exploring your voice from the inside out.  I combine Jungian psychology (within a coaching model) with the technical, functional and paralinguistic aspects of voice production.  This is the only way to have a lasting and profound transformation.

Common voice concerns

Do you experience any of the following?  This list isn’t exhaustive but will give you an idea of what I help clients with.

  • Public speaking anxiety / nerves
  • Running out of breath
  • Raspy / croaky voice
  • Frequent throat clearing 
  • Vocal fatigue / voice loss
  • Speaking too fast
  • Lack of clarity / difficulty with clear articulation
  • Difficulty projecting voice
  • Excessive strain or tension in the voice
  • Limited dynamics / monotone voice
Coaching Services

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