Executive Voice Coaching

Your Voice Matters.

Your voice is your most powerful communication tool.  If you’re serious about your success, your voice really matters.

If you’re looking to speak with greater confidence, authority and presence, then understanding your voice (and the mind that drives it) is critical.  Only then can you truly speak with impact in meetings, presentations, pitches, interviews, podcasts and events.

This is where my unique approach can help, which combines vocal technique and voice psychology.

The Difference

My approach to voice coaching combines two key areas of focus:

  • Vocal Technique – here we use vocal technique, voice physiology and paralinguistic tools and exercises to release, build and explore the voice.
  • Voice Psychology – here we explore the voice from the inside out by building awareness through how the voice feels and sounds, integrating this new awareness and allowing our true voice to be expressed.

Speak With Impact voice coaching is designed for professionals who are committed to their success and ready to make the ultimate investment and transform their voice.

I offer online private voice coaching packages from 6 – 12 weeks starting from £2,500.  These are ideal for clients who would like to transform their voice and have the time to commit.

I also offer VIP Days from 3 – 6 hours starting from £800.  These are ideal for clients with tight deadlines, who would like support in-person or online.

Coaching Services

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