``The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.`` - Carl Jung


Hi, my name’s Anouska Taylor.  I’m an experienced & passionate London-based voice coach, Jungian life coach and professional singer-songwriter.

Voice has always been my passion, my heart and soul.  Although I started singing as a child, I began my voice teacher training in 2009 when I was living in Melbourne and have never stopped learning.  My mission is to both empower and inspire people to use their voice unapologetically, in whatever their truest and most authentic expression is.

For me, my highest expression has been through singing and in recent years, songwriting.  For this reason I understand first hand what it’s like to share your voice in front of an audience, often in demanding situations, where you’re feeling nervous or anxious.  But through my own journey, I’ve had to confront some of my biggest fears around being seen and heard.

Let me share this with you too.

Executive Voice Coaching for Professionals

Coaching Services

My voice coaching isn’t about making you sound like someone else.  It’s about freeing your voice so you can powerfully and confidently express yourself authentically in any situation.  Every voice can be optimised and enhanced regardless of your accent or if English isn’t your first language.

Schedule a free 20 mins voice consult to see how I can help you reach your full vocal potential or get in touch with me to learn more.

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